Dynamic Mobile Dentistry


Founded in 2009, Dynamic Mobile Dentistry is a family owned mobile dental service that provides licensed, experienced dentists who deliver on-site dental care to over 5,000 residents in over 220 skilled nursing facilities across Georgia and Alabama.

Dynamic Mobile Dentistry began in Macon, Georgia, as result of a collaborative effort between Richard B. Liipfert, DMD and John S. Neel of The Sanford Company. While attending the Georgia Nursing Home Association’s annual meeting in Amelia Island in July 2006, Neel participated in a group discussion regarding the dire need for dental services in long term care facilities. Shortly thereafter, Neel met with Liipfert to discuss the possibility of developing a dental plan that would not only provide much needed dental care at the living facility but also do so at the facility and at very little costs to the residents and their families.

Historically, nursing home residents have had very little access to dental care mostly because of their inability to pay or receive government funding. Another major issue is the lack of easy or accessible transportation to an outside dentist. These barriers prevent seniors from receiving proper oral health care, which can leave them at risk of ignoring tooth decay or infection that could lead to more serious health problems.

The main goal of Dynamic’s program was to make the dental services available on-site at the facilities using mobile equipment. By going this route, Liipfert and Neel were confident that it would prove to not only be a convenient service to the residents themselves but also to their families and the facility staff. After three long years of effort, involving the coordination of various state programs and agencies, the dental plan was approved in the State of Georgia.

Once the program was approved, Dr. Liipfert began researching and testing the mobile equipment that now allows Dynamic’s dentists to perform all of the plan’s covered services without the residents ever having to step foot outside the facility.

In April 2009, an initial six-month pilot program was setup involving ten nursing facilities around middle Georgia. During this time, Liipfert experimented with the mobile equipment as well as testing the logistics of seeing patients in the nursing facility. The experience turned out to be very rewarding as the Dynamic team proved to themselves and the nursing staff that the resident’s dental could be met without transporting them to a dentist office.

After the pilot program was completed, Dynamic Mobile Dentistry officially opened its doors and the dental program was made available to all residents of long term care facilities in the state of Georgia. After 6 years of servicing only Georgia, Liipfert decided to expand into Alabama. In August of 2015, the plan was approved in Alabama and shortly there after, we began servicing facilities in Alabama.

The Dynamic team schedules routine visits to facilities and is also available after hours for emergency care when necessary. Offering services such as oral exams, cleanings, fillings, extractions, denture repairs and providing new dentures among other things, the program has a track record of success across the state and served over 10,000 residents in nearly 200 facilities in the first three years.